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 Pokemon Laser

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Here you can take a look at the new flash game I am creating. It will probably be published onto Gamefudge or Newgrounds as I have friends and relatives who use those sites, Mostly Gamefudge but I'm awesome on Newgrounds and am friends with Tom (The creator). Tom emailed me to let me know that it will probably be submitted some time around easter. It will NOT be on Playstation 3 and other game consoles, I just made a design of what it would look like if it was on a console. I DID recolour all of the Pokemon myself so if you use this for anything please give full credit to me and partly Nintendo for the Diamond and Pearl sprites.

Pokemon Laser Pokemo10

About the Game
My upcoming flash game Pokemon Laser will be available around easter time on Newgrounds and about June on Gamefudge. If any of you guys do play it on Gamefudge please rate it 5 star. Anyways, About the game. You first choose to be a boy (Lucas) or a girl (Dawn). The basic storyline is that you're sat on the sofa at your best friends house after waking up after a sleepover. You see that there was a Laser Dialga spotted getting destroyed by a Golden Laser Arceus on Mt.Coronet. You get there (with your friend) and you get knocked into the Laser Dialga by the Golden Laser Arceus. The Laser Dialga then thinks you're attacking it so it battles you and Golden Laser Arceus in a tag team battle. Your friend realises you have no Pokemon so (s)he give's you a choice of picking either Laser Chimchar, Laser Treeko or Laser Totodile. You pick one and then the Golden Laser Arceus and you obviously destroy the Laser Dialga. The Laser Dialga manages to escape into the wilderness and the Golden Laser Arceus chases it. Your friend then gives you supplies and goes home leaving you with your starter Pokemon. You decide to chase after the 2 legendary Pokemon and that's where the adventure starts! You chase them and encounter many terrifying and new Pokemon on your journey. Sorry people but that's all I'm telling you, If you want more information either wait for the game or Email me.

Hope you like it! Razz
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Pokemon Laser
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