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 The Pokemon Spriters

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PostSubject: The Pokemon Spriters   The Pokemon Spriters EmptySun Mar 21, 2010 9:36 am

Hello People! I'm here to tell you about a club I've created! It is for doing sprite contests, Teaching people how to Sprite, Creating Sprites and much more! If you would like to join and you can't sprite that's not a problem! Our spriting community offers free lessons! And you don't only have to sprite Pokemon. You can sprite ANYTHING you want from Sonic and Mario to Football Players and Soldiers, Robots and Zombies! You can sprite ANYTHING you imagine, It's all about creativity and Imagination! So if you think you have good Imagination and brilliant creativity and ideas we are glad to have you as a part of the company. If you want to join just fill this form!

Spriter Nickname:
Favourite Sprite Subject: (Pokemon, Sonic, Mario, Football, Zombies, etc.)
Can You Sprite?: (Can you sprite or not, Don't worry if you can't you can still join!)
Best Sprite Edited: (Post a picture of the best sprite you made/edited if you can sprite, If you can't leave blank)

That's all you need to join! So join today and help the spriting world out!

Email me if you want a little tutorial/trick of how to sprite easier! Wink

Hope you like it! Razz
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The Pokemon Spriters
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